About me


My name is Patrice Leiteritz and I was born on 18.09.1990 in Sonneberg, Thuringia (Germany). Today, I live and work in Saalfeld/Saale.

I've always been interested in philosophy and kept looking for the school of thought I could fully subscribe to. Around 2015, I discovered determinism and I was fascinated by its implications. I read more about it and ultimately, I came across mechanical philosophy from the 18th century which combined determinism with materialism and the law of causality. The most prominent mechanical philosophers of that time had to act in secrecy or else they risked persecution by the church, for their philosophy was very dangerous to it. Today, we fortunately don't have to fear this fate any more, but the teachings of mechanical philosophy have largely been forgotten. However, it's high time that people are offered a comprehensive and compact guide about mechanical philosophy. This is was I wanted to achieve with my book.

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